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Complimentary Meet and Greet

On this visit, we get to know you and your pet and obtain detailed information about your pet’s routine, feeding schedule and any special needs for your pet and your home. We will not schedule care without first meeting you and your pet.
Visits include: potty breaks, walks, administering any medications (orally and subcutaneously), play time, feeding, fresh water, cleaning the litter box, watering plants, bringing in the mail and anything else that you and your pet need. The fee depends on travel distance and your pet’s exact needs. We currently service an area within a 7 mile radius of our home office on Broad Street in Mechanicsburg.

Our Pricing:

The below Holidays have an extra PER VISIT charge as follows:

New Year’s Eve/Day: $10.00 (applies to entire weekend if falls on Fri or Mon)
Good Friday: $5.00
Easter: $10.00
Memorial Day: $5.00
Fourth of July: $5.00
Labor Day: $5.00
Thanksgiving Week (Thurs thru Sun): $10.00
Christmas Eve/Day (applies to entire weekend if falls on Fri or Mon): $10.00

For New clients, Payment is due before service begins. We accept CASH, CHECK and CREDIT CARDS. We will issue a refund for cancellations made more than seven days prior to start of service, EXCEPT for cancellations made during Thanksgiving and Christmas. We do not offer refunds for canceled Holiday reservations.

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Required Forms:

Please follow the links below to complete these forms and have them ready for us upon our arrival at the meet and greet.  Having the forms completed prior to our arrival will streamline the process.  If you have questions or are unsure about certain sections, don’t worry, we will go over everything.

Service Contract

Pet Profile

Vet Release Form

Our Beginnings

While preparing to leave on vacation, I had trouble finding appropriate boarding for my two Great Danes, a dog with a reputation for sensitivity and an inability to kennel well. A stressful situation became the idea for Kibbles-n-Cuddles Pet Sitting. Me and my team have since relieved the stress of a number of pet owners in the Greater Mechanicsburg area, by providing loving care while you are away from home. Whether you need pet sitting, dog walking, or drop in visits while you travel for work or pleasure, we have your needs covered. Your pet will be in safe loving hands and treated like family. Fully insured and bonded, Kibbles-n-Cuddles in Mechanicsburg, PA allows your pets’ routine to stay the same while you are away from home, making it less stressful on you, and more importantly, on them.

Our Team

Michelle, Owner

Hi, my name is Michelle Brockman, and I am the owner and founder of Kibbles-n-Cuddles Pet Sitting. Ever since I was a small child, I have had pets of every kind; dogs, cats, my sister’s horses, fish, birds, hamsters, and guinea pigs. My Father was an avid animal lover. He instilled in me a belief that pets are family members and should be treated as such.

I have cared for pets since I was old enough to do so. I decided to make it an official business in 2015, so I joined the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. I took the Certification Course, including the Pet First Aid and CPR, and became Insured and Bonded.

My years of working with a Trainer for my own Rescued Great Dane have taught me so much about dog behavior and body language. This has really helped me in the pet sitting world.

Of course, I love all animals, but I have a soft spot for the special needs dogs. I love working with rescues or shy dogs and building that trust and a relationship over time. The best feeling in the world is when you make that breakthrough with a fearful dog.


Hi, my name is Jen and I joined Kibbles-n-Cuddles in December 2017 as a PC. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York, and moved to Pennsylvania nearly three years ago to pursue my doctoral degree in American Studies at Penn State Harrisburg. I currently teach three courses at Penn State Harrisburg as an adjunct professor while I work on my dissertation.

I have always loved animals and am not shy about receiving puppy hugs and kisses! I am the proud doggy mom of two beautiful little girls. Ripley is a three-year-old corgi that we adopted when she was only eight weeks old; she loves to wiggle her booty and can play for hours on end. We rescued LuLu in May 2017 and believe that she a five-year-old mini-pin mix. She was timid at first, but now she is her mommy’s shadow and loves to snuggle! As a member of this team, I can assure you that I will treat your pets just as I would my own. Every animal has a unique personality and I love making new fur buddies!


Hello, My name is Beth and I have been part of the Kibbles and Cuddles family since July of 2018. Prior to joining the team I was with Quality Greenhouses for 17 years.

Plants and pets have always been my passions so I have been lucky to have the opportunity to experience both over the years. Of course I am an animal lover and have had cats in my life ever since I can remember. Along the way there have also been dogs, horses and even a parrot (a very vocal fellow).

Currently residing in Dillsburg with my little rescue girl Weezie and five very interesting cats (Orb, Smokie, Wubzie, Screech and Moe), there are plenty of cuddles to be experienced.

I have been a longtime supporter of canine rescue programs which is how Weezie became part of our family. There are so many wonderful loving cats and dogs that deserve an opportunity to be part of a family and these programs make it possible.

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with all the pets in my care and getting to know their unique personalities.


Hi, my name is Autumn and I joined Kibbles-n-Cuddles in August of 2019. As a mom to 3 children, 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs, I have seen and handled just about everything and cleaned every mess imaginable.

I have had pets my entire life. My desire to love and care for them started at a very young age. When I was just 6 years old, I tried to take my goldfish for a walk. Well, needless to say things didn’t go as planned. However, everything in life is a learning experience, and I promise I have learned a great deal since that time, and my skills and knowledge have improved drastically. As part of this team, it is my promise to treat every pet with respect and dignity. Clients can rest easy knowing their beloved family member is in responsible, loving hands.


 Michelle was a client of mine for over 3 years.  (I did not hire her; she hired me). I am in the dog training business and she has been one of the best clients I’ve had in my 11 years of owning a business. She is a responsible mature person whom anyone can rely on without hesitation.     I have seen first hand how she handles and interacts with her 2 Great Danes. (That’s not always easy!) She has a gentle and kind manner that is second to none, and that is toward dogs AND people. She is mature and responsible, and has extensive experience caring for a dog with a serious medical issue. Her love and commitment would bring you to tears. You won’t find a better candidate to care for your beloved pets. I would not hesitate hiring her to care for my own animals! Naomi H.

We’ve used Michelle and Kibbles-n-Cuddles for the past 2 years to care for our zoo of pets, and we’ve been really happy. It’s nice to know we can go away and our furry family members are well cared for in our absence! Michelle is always responsive and easy to work with, and most importantly – my pets love her. I would recommend Kibbles-n-Cuddles to anyone looking for a pet sitter they can trust. Amy

Michelle is wonderful with not only her own dog, but with any dog. She has helped me out on many occasions and sometimes at the very last minute when it could not be helped. Michelle is terrific and I’d highly recommend her to anyone with fur babies. She will care for them like her own dog. Denise

Michelle has watched my dogs several times and my dogs just love her. I wouldn’t let anyone watch my dogs that I didn’t trust. She is great with them because she loves animals so much. She will always be my pet sitter when I need one. I highly recommend her! Tod

Thanks to Kibbles-n-Cuddles for taking good care of my 3 dogs. Just last week I had an urgent request for their services and they were able to accommodate our dog walking needs. It is so nice to know that my dogs get to go for midday walks and potty breaks with caring walkers. Michelle and her team even helped me with some training suggestions that they use on walks and I’ve incorporated them into my own walk routines. Judy

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